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Weatherboard is a kind of cladding which generally gives a shield and helps to protect the interior from rough weather. Weatherboard is commonly used material for building a house in Australia. But nowadays, the weatherboard is treated as an aesthetic stylish structure along with the protection ability. Because the weatherboard has to tolerate rough weather conditions, it will certainly be damaged and discolored. To make the weatherboard new again, professional painters can give you the best repairing and painting experience.




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Signs That the Weatherboards Need Your Attention

If you are thinking about how you will know when you will need to repair and repaint your weatherboards, here are the signs that your weatherboards need your attention:

You will see the color of weatherboard is fading

Regardless of facing rough weather or not, the exterior of your house will face the rays of the sun throughout the year. The rays of the sun help the paint to fade away and the look of the weatherboard will become unattractive. To bring back the attraction again, give a new coat of paint to your weatherboard.

You will notice the peeling of paint

Another sign you will notice that the paint is chipping or peeling from the weatherboards. Chipping or peeling generally happens due to the environmental conditions like sun rays, rain, storm, wind etc. If you see this sign in your weatherboard, your weatherboard is in need of a fresh new coat of paint.

Timber Rot

Another sign is the timber rot. When you see that the timber is darker than other timbers, has become spongy and soft, has cracked appearance, has fungus growth, has become damp and has musty odors, certainly your weatherboards are in serious trouble and weatherboard replacement becomes necessary. 


We are Weatherboard Painters for You in Melbourne

Sometimes Melbourne faces very harsh climates, and the harsh climate damages the weatherboard most of the time. At this time, people search for professional painting companies to bring back the new look of the weatherboard again. This is where Prestige House Painting comes in to provide necessary service which people are looking for. We have a bunch of skilled and expert painters who are specialized in house painting including weatherboards. They are highly capable of replacing, repairing and preparing weatherboards for painting. If you are looking for a perfect solution for your weatherboard, Prestige House Painting will give you the best solution. 

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Weatherboard House Painting

How the Weatherboard Painting is Done

Here is how the roof repair and painting work is done:


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Premises assessment

  • Our experts will visit your premises and assess your weatherboards.

Stage 3: Prepare weatherboards

  • Before painting, we will prepare your weatherboards.

Stage 4: Paint your weatherboard

  • Then our team of painting experts will perform the paint job.


Stage 5: Finalize the job

  • Then, a quality check will take place and pack up the job.

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How We Prepare Weatherboards for Painting

Preparing weatherboards is the crucial stage before painting. Because, without solving the issues related to the weatherboard, you can not benefit from painting.

  • First of all, we will clean the weatherboard. We will remove dirt, pressure wash the timber, and remove the old paint.
  • Then, we will scrap, and sand the timber.
  • Then, we will find out the rot of the timber, remove the rot and replace wherever needed.
  • Then, we will sand all the weatherboards with the sanding machine.
  • If there are any cracks, and gaps left, we will fill those cracks and gaps. If sanding is required again, we will do it.
  • After that, we will prime all the timbers and fillers.
  • And then the weatherboards are ready to be painted. We will apply two coats of paint to all the weatherboards.


Benefits of Painting the Weatherboard

Regardless of whether you are installing new weatherboards or reconditioning the weatherboards, painting weatherboards has numerous benefits. Here are a few of them:

Get a brand new look

Whether you are installing new weatherboards or repainting the weatherboards, you can give a color that matches your taste. Painting will give your weatherboards a fresh new look.

Increase the longevity

Painting prevents the insects from growing, fungus growth, water damp and many more. It certainly will increase the longevity of the weatherboards. Not only that, painting gives a significant amount of protection from harmful sun rays and bad weather.


You do not have to worry about doing maintenance every now and then. Painting can reduce maintenance requirements significantly.


Why Choose Prestige House Painting?

Why should you choose us? Here are a few of them:

High quality service

We ensure high quality service on our every project. We can earn the trust of people only by providing first class painting service.

Best repairing and painting team

We are equipped with a team of skilled and experienced painters and repair specialists who can give you the best painting experience.

Advanced tools and equipment

To make things easy and effective, we are equipped with the latest and advanced equipment and tools.

Top quality product

Premium and eco-friendly painting and repairing products are used for painting and repairing work.

Affordable price

We provide our painting and repair services at a very competitive price. And there are no hidden charges included in all our types of services.


Best weatherboard painting service provider

Weatherboards may be just pieces of wood, but if you paint those you are certainly helping to increase the longevity and bring back the aesthetic look. If you are searching for trusted and skilled weatherboard painters, Prestige House Painting can fulfill your need efficiently. Prestige House Painting is a fully licensed and locally owned painting company in Melbourne, Australia. We are committed to delivering first class weatherboard painting and repair services to you. Regardless of weatherboard painting service or weatherboard repairing service you need, our experts are highly skilled in providing painting and repairing service in the best possible way. There is nothing more important than delivering top class service.

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