Roof Restoration & Roof Painting Services


Roof Restoration & Roof Painting Services

The roof takes up more than half of the exterior of your house. Not only that, the roof takes the hassles of the outside elements right from the word go. Regardless of rain, storm, strong wind, sun rays or tree falling, the roof gives safe shelter and safety to the people. This is where the restoration and painting of the roof is very important. Restoration and painting increase the lifespan of the roof.

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If your roof is old enough, certainly the roof will be covered with moss, stain, debris, algae etc. which makes the roof weak and vulnerable over time. This is where we come in to restore and paint your roof so that your roof lasts longer. Prestige House Painting is one of the trusted and most skilled restoration and painting companies in Melbourne, Australia. By choosing us you are entitled to get an incredible and top class quality roofing job from our experts.

Our goals are very simple. Our goals are

  • To make the roof durable and weather resilient.
  • To make the roof last long.
  • To transform the roof into its original state.

For best quality Interior painting service and Exterior painting service, contact our dedicated specialist.

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Why is painting and repairing the roof necessary?

Painting and repairing gives the roof various benefits. Here are a few of them:
  • It increases the longevity of the roof. Good quality products improve the condition of the roof which gives a longer lifespan.
  • It increases the ability of protection. Due to the long time use of the roof, the roof weakened slowly which decreases the ability to protect the house from rough weather and disaster. Repairing and painting improve the defense system of the roof.
  • It makes the roof more waterproof. If the roof age is now more than 8-9 years, the roof may become less waterproof which can cause the water leakage and damage the other parts of the as well.
  • It increases the value of the property.

Services we offer

Prestige House Painting offers following roof restoration and painting services for your convenience:
Roof Cleaning

Generally, the roof will have algae, moss and stains if the roof is 8-9 years old. When you see those symptoms, it is an indication that the health of the roof is not up to the mark. As a part of the restoration service, roof cleaning prevents further damage and also increases the aesthetic of the roof.

Roof Tilers

In Australia, there are tiled roofed houses also available along with other types of house. If your tiled roof is damaged or want to install new tiles in your roof, let the professionals handle this work. Prestige House Painting has skilled roof experts who are capable of installing, repairing and painting the tiled roof efficiently.

Roof Restoration

If you are living a long period of time under the same old roof, your roof may have broken tiles, moss growth, stains most probably. These make the roof look more old and tired. We do the restoration when you call us to get rid of those symptoms. The restoration service includes cleaning, repairing and repainting. To get top notch restoration service for your high pitched roof or terracotta tiles roof or cement tiles roof, call us, we will make the roof new and improved again.

Roof Repair and Leaks Remedy

Roof is open to the open sky and it tolerates every rainy season, sun rays, storms, tree falling and many more. If you see that the cement is cracked or tiles become loose or the roof has leaks, it exposes the internal roof materials to the bad weather which is not a good thing for your house. Before it becomes too late and severe, repair those damages as quickly as possible.

Roof Painting

Paint gives the house a vibrant and aesthetic look which increases longevity and monetary value. Not only that, paint of the roof is the first line of defense that faces the bad weather first. If you are thinking of bringing back the brand new look of the faded roof or want to save your roof from rough weather, call us to give fresh coats of paint to the roof.

Heat Reflective Roof Paint

Keeping ourselves cool during the summer is the biggest challenge we have. One of the most effective ways to keep ourselves cool is painting the roof with heat reflective paint. It has many benefits. It keeps the entire house cool. It brings the aesthetic look of the roof and increases the protection ability. Not only that, it reduces the electricity bill. To get the roof painting service, call us, our experts will do the job efficiently.

Ridge Capping

If your house is experiencing poor drainage and water leaks, your house may need the ridge capping repair service. Ridge caps help to prevent the water from entering through the roof. You may neglect the ridge cap but it is another crucial material of the roof. You should repair the ridge cap whenever you see any damage. Contact Prestige House Painting today and repair the ridge capping.


Guttering is the last puzzle piece which completes the functionality program of the house. Guttering ensures all the water goes away from the house and keeps the roof dry and protected. If the gutter system is badly affected, your roof will gather moss, collect leaves, grow mold, debris which will make your house vulnerable. If you are thinking of repairing the gutter or install a new gutter system, Specialist from Prestige House Painting will do the job with utmost proficiency.
The list just doesn’t end here, there are so many roof services that are not mentioned. Call us 0466 344 447 for more details.

What makes us different from others

Here are the reasons why you should choose us over others:

  • No compromise in the quality of roof repairing and painting. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
  • Our skilled roofer team is promised to provide impeccable roof service to you, regardless of the size of the project and the price.
  • Eco-friendly and premium quality products are used for painting and repairing work.
  • We provide our roof restoration and painting services at a very affordable price. No hidden charges are applicable in any of our services.
  • Covid safe practices are mandated upon all of our staff.
  • Our staff respond fast. Whenever you need us, you will always get a fast response from us.
  • Fully insured and licensed painting and repair service organization.
Here is how the roof repair and painting work is done:

Process of roof restoration and painting


First, communicate with our team. Enquire about the service you need and get a free quote or make a schedule to meet.

  • After you have contacted us, our repair experts will go to your premises and do the thorough inspection.
  • Then, our repair expert will consult with you about the requirements, and your recommendation. We will plan how we will do the work.
  • After that, our team is ready to begin the roof repairing and painting project.

After we have planned how we will approach, we will execute our repairing plan. Our professional and skilled repairing specialist will do the pressure cleaning on the roof to get rid of moss, dust, stain etc. Then our staff will repair the damaged roof areas. Durable and premium quality products will be used during the repairing job.


After the restoration work is finished completely, our painting team will approach to paint the roof. Eco friendly and premium quality paint will be used for roof painting.


After the repairing and painting job is completed, our qualified experts will inspect the whole work and the quality.


Before we leave your premises after completion of repairs and painting, we will clean your premises, remove our equipment and tools, remove the waste and wipe out the dust.

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