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Interior Painting Services In Melbourne

The interior of your house can get either an average look or a luxurious look. It is all about color combination and the expertise of painters. If you are eager to turn your house into a stunning one, only professionals can bring that look.

We are Interior Painters in Melbourne

If you are in search of a trusted and professional interior painting service in melbourne, Prestige House Painting is at your doorstep to provide you first class interior painting service. Prestige House Painting is a local painting service provider who are trusted and reliable and can give you the top notch painting experience. We provide our painting service at a very reasonable cost, and the most important thing is we do not compromise on quality even if we provide it at a reasonable price. Quality is our first and foremost priority over quantity.

Why Choose Us for Your Interior Painting

Here is what makes us different from others:
  • We use A-1 grade quality and eco-friendly paints and our painters high-quality paint finish every time.
  • We have the trust and reliability in our skilled and highly experienced painters and they are proving their capability in every painting job.
  • Our team of experts have great attention to details and take extra care of every bit of the interior area and bring the best result.
  • We offer a variety of painting and texture choices that will give the interior a stylish and gorgeous look and bring the beauty out of your interior.
  • We provide our interior painting services at competitive rates.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Prestige House Painting is a fully certified, well insured, licensed painting organization.

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Prestige House Painting

Painters Whom you can trust

If you are eyeing for a professional and trusted painting company in Melbourne, you can put your full trust on Prestige House Painting without any hesitation. Prestige House Painting is a locally owned and licenced painting service provider in Melbourne, Australia. We have a team of skilled and professional painters who have the experience of painting the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and commercial spaces. Nothing is more important to us than performing the work properly. That’s why whenever we take the project, we complete the project with utmost proficiency.

Interior Painting Services We Offer

Regardless of residential spaces or commercial spaces, we provide our interior painting services in every type of house. Here are the services included in our interior painting service:

Living Room Painting

Living rooms are the busiest area in a house and you should take care of the look of your living room. Living rooms are decorated with various furniture and that’s why color matching with decoration is important. Our experts will give you the perfect color recommendation for your living room.

Bedroom Painting

Bedrooms are the most important area in a house, because we spend most of our time here. A bedroom should have a relaxing look rather than a crunchy and vibrant look. A simple color combination can make your ordinary bedroom look into a relaxing and luxurious bedroom look.

Commercial interior house painting

If you are an owner of your business, you should take care of the interior of the following spaces: Meeting room, Office premises, Canteen, Managing Director’s chamber, Store room, Warehouse etc. You may check our commercial building and maintenance repairs service also.

Kitchen Painting

The color of the kitchen always discolored due to heat of the stove, stains of foods etc. You should repaint your kitchen when you feel necessary. If you are thinking about cost, it costs less. You do not have to buy new paint for this. When you buy paint for your living room or bedroom, you can use some paint from there for your kitchen. It will re-freshen your kitchen look.

Bathroom Painting

You may overlook your bathroom while painting your bedroom or office premises, but you should paint it as well. It may be a small area, but painting your bathroom will bring the fresh vibes again.

Hallway Painting

In the entire house, hallways are the most used area. It handles too much foot traffic for your family members or your employees. Not only that, the color of the hallway becomes discolored due to too much walking, outdoor dust etc. So, a durable fresh paint will give the fresh look again as well as the paint will also last longer.

Patio painting

Patio is a great place for family members or employees to spend a few times in the afternoon for afternoon snacks or tea. Because the patio is situated outdoors, it becomes discolored every now and then. So, it should be painted as well. A patio brings an aesthetic look to the entire property. So, a new fresh paint coat will bring back the vibrance look of the patio again.


Plaster repair, Basements, Doors, Windows painting – Texture painting or Roller and brush painting or Spray painting. These may seem like we just paint the above mentioned spaces. But, no, the list does not just end here. Any kind of residential space or business space which can be painted, we can paint.

Commercial Sectors Where We Provide Interior Painting Service

We provide commercial interior painting services throughout Melbourne and Suburbs. Here are a few examples of commercial sectors where we provide our interior painting:

  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Community Centers
  • Hotels, Motels
  • Factories
  • Government Buildings, Body corporate areas
  • Heritage Sites
  • Schools
  • Restaurants etc.
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Procedures of Our Interior Painting


The process starts when you communicate with us. You just have to fill up the online form for a free quote or call us to set a schedule for the meeting.

  • After you communicate with us, our painting experts will go to your house and inspect the interior.
  • Then, our painting expert will consult with you about the painting requirement, your recommendation, color recommendation etc. Here we will confirm the paint color.
  • If we have any questions, we will ask you. And if you have any questions, you can ask us, we will answer all your queries.
  • After that, we are ready to start the project.
  • Before starting the painting project, we will ask you to remove your fragile items, valuables, furniture etc.
  • Then, we will cover the furniture, and non-painted areas.
  • Then, the repair and restoration work will take place if you require.
  • After repair work is done, we will prepare the interior by filling the holes, sanding, caulking, priming etc.

Once the painting job is done, quality checking will be done. Our qualified painting expert and you will see the entire work and check if everything is done accordingly or not. If you are not satisfied, we will rectify the areas which need to be rectified.


When you are satisfied, our project ends there. Before we leave your premises, we will clean your premises, wipe out paint drops, dust free the area, remove covers of the furniture and place it in its previous place. That’s it.

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