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No one in the world wants calamities to take place on people, but it takes place and there is nothing we can do to stop them. Disaster like storms, water, fire, wind, termite damage, etc can do a tremendous amount of loss to the property owners. If you are feeling worried and confused about what to do after you have faced the disaster, a professional restoration and builder can help you out.


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Insurable events we work on

Here are some examples of insurable events we do restoration and repair:

  • Storm damage
  • Fire damage
  • Flood
  • Water damage
  • Burst pipes
  • Earthquake
  • Malicious damage
  • Impact
  • Broken glass
  • Graffiti and vandalism
  • Burglary etc.

Our restoration and insurance repairing service is not limited to above-mentioned events. Contact us for more details.

Professional Insurance Repair Specialist in Melbourne

It is quite a common scenario that insurance builders take too much time to process repairing or responding slowly. This is where we worked out and we built up ourselves to respond to your necessity immediately. At Prestige House Painting, we understand how important your home is for you. We are promised to listen to your concerns and handle them with utmost proficiency.

Prestige House Painting has qualified and professional tradesmen who are proficient in delivering top class insurance repairing service in Melbourne. Prestige House Painting is here to aid you at your difficult time. You can rest assured that we will do our insurance repairing with utmost care, integrity and commitment.

Check our Interior service and Exterior service for your house.


Procedures of Our Exterior Painting

The process is very simple, you do not have to be confused about the process. Here is how the exterior painting is done:


Insurance Repairing Process

Here is how the insurance repair process works:



1. Informing insurance company

  • After the damage caused by the disaster, make sure you inform the insurance company about the event that took place at your residence. Because the damage has to be repaired or rebuilt. The insurance will provide you insurance repair expenses for damage.

2. Contact us

  • After you have informed the insurance company. You have to send a request to Prestige House Painting. After you have sent a request to us, within 24 hours our representative will communicate with you and an appointment time will be fixed with you to assess and inspect the damage caused by the disaster.

3. Preparation of scope of works

  • Our restoration expert will reach your residence and inspect the whole area.
  • During the inspection, we will take photos and gather details so that we can prepare a scope of works.
  • Then we will create a report about damage repair and will submit it to the insurer to review.
  • The insurer will cross check the report with the damage and approve the report.
  • After we receive the approved report from the insurance company, we will send you all necessary documents and the scope of works. You have to review the documents and approve them.


  • After we have done the repairing work, both you and the supervisor will walk through the repaired areas for final inspection.

Insurance repair services we provide

Our insurance repairs services include:

House restoration

Home is very important and is one of the human rights. If the home is damaged, no matter what it has to be restored as soon as possible. Here are a few examples of structural repair services:

  • Home repair
  • Bedroom repair
  • Kitchen repairs
  • Bathroom repairs,
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Outdoor repairs
  • Installing temporary structures
  • Electrical repairs
  • Covering and repairing roofs
  • And other property repairs.

Fire and Water Restoration

Fire and water can do severe damage to human life and lifestyle. Not only that, those can do structural damage to houses along with life threats. If such calamities strike your house, call us immediately. Here are a few examples of water and fire restoration services:

  • Severity of hazard and damage assessment
  • Structure assessment
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Structural drying 
  • Hazardous objects removal
  • Thermal fogging and odor control. Etc.

We are providing top class Roof painting and roof restoration services. 

Mould Remediation

If you see mould growing in your house, don’t neglect that, take necessary action before it causes severe damage to your house. Mold and mildew can cause structural damage, bad odor, decrease the quality of indoor air, various diseases and many more. Our restoration experts are efficient in mould remediation. Here are a few examples of mould remediation services:

  • Identify the root of the problem
  • Removal of mould
  • Applying mould treatment chemicals
  • Odor removal and increase the air quality
  • Taking preventive action against contamination and mould growth. Etc.

Asbestos removal

Asbestos is the most irritating thing a house can have. It causes serious health problems. Before it becomes severe, remove whenever you notice. Here are a few examples of asbestos removal services:

  • Asbestos inspection
  • Removing asbestos from the basement, roofing, walls, fences, etc.
  • Clean the area contaminated by asbestos
  • Applying decontamination chemicals
  • Removing asbestos materials, and disposal.


24/7 emergency make safe

Reduce chances of further damage to property, save time and keep costs down through our fast and reliable response to urgent claims.

Types of Insurance claims we work on

People take various insurance policies depending on their needs. Here are the various insurance claims that people take and we work:

Disaster Recovery Claims

Disaster makes people’s lives tougher. When the disaster is over, recovery is important to continue daily life and activities. Prestige House Painting has a team of insurance repair specialists who are proficient in disaster recovery. Our priority is your safety and that’s why we always respond fast and engage in work immediately.

Domestic Insurance Claims

Domestic insurance policy is related to home. If your property has physical damage, you can claim insurance. Our domestic insurance repair service includes plumbing repair, bathroom repair, kitchen repair, structural damage repair and many more.

Business Insurance Claims

Your business also can face various critical situations like Burglary, theft, natural disaster, customer’s injury, water related damage and many more which can cause financial damage. Here, some business insurance claims do not fall under our criteria. But, we can provide nature disaster repair, water damage repair, business property damage related repair services etc.



Why choose us as your insurance repairer

You are not going to rebuild your property every now and then. And that’s why you have to choose your insurance repairer wisely. Here is what makes us different from others:

Fast and immediate response

Some people experience delay response and delay work from some insurance repair company. But, you will not get that type of experience. You will always get a fast and immediate response from us.


There will be no communication gap between you and us. You will get clear reports, documentations from us. You will know every step we are taking for the repair work.

Top class quality guaranteed

We are equipped with a team of skilled and experienced repairing experts who are efficient in delivering top class quality repair service. We always use premium quality products for repairing so that we can maintain the standard.

Cutting edge technology

We are equipped with advanced tools and technologies which help us to do the work fast, and efficiently.

Skilled repair specialist

Our skilled staff are our best asset. They are highly qualified and have vast experience. They are repair specialists who can deliver fast and top class repair service.


Best insurance repair specialist in Melbourne

When any disaster happens, it causes severe problems to the everyday living of the human. If your insured property is damaged, claim the insurance and rectify your property again. If you are eyeing for a trusted partner who can deliver what you expect, you will find Prestige House Painting always beside you to aid you.

We are a locally owned painting and restoration company in your area in Melbourne, Australia. As Australia’s trusted and reliable insurance repair organization, our focus is to respond to you quickly and deliver an effective insurance repair experience to you.

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