Melbourne House painting ideas

So many colours to choose from! Colour choice is one of the toughest decisions you will make when painting. Here is how to nail the perfect colour.

Color scheme ideas for exterior

Here are some examples of color scheme ideas for the exterior of the house:

Aqua green, white color scheme

Gale force and white color combination is a timeless and classic color combination which will give your house an aesthetic look. Paint the window and dormer with ibais white color and paint the walls with gale force color.

Sandal, Gray, white color scheme

Sandal, gray and white color combination will give your exterior a vibrant and aesthetic look. It will definitely increase the curb appeal. Paint the exterior walls with sandal color, paint the window frame, front door pillar and dormer frame with the white color and paint the roof with the ironside gray color.

Gold sand, light red, white color scheme

These three colors can bring the royal look of your house. Apply gold sand color in the exterior walls, apply light red or apricot color on the roof and apply the white color in the front door pillars, window frames, roof-sides and door frames. Try this color scheme, it will definitely increase the curb appeal of the entire house.

Lime green, white color scheme

Bright Lime green and white is a simple color combo. But these colors will make the house blend with nature. Not only that, it has vibrance which will attract people without any doubt. Use the bright green color on the exterior wall, and use the white color on the roof-sides, window frames and door frames. That’s it.

Blue, white color scheme

Blue is undoubtedly one of the finest exterior colors and people like the blue color most of the time for exterior. Use velvet diva color on the exterior wall, use gray and bohemian black color as stripes on the roof tiles. And use white color on the roof-sides, window frames, dormer and door frames.


Color scheme ideas for interior

Here are some examples of color scheme ideas for the interior of the house:

Random Rectangles

Walls that have some random rectangles with random color are always eye-catching. You do not have to be creative about this. Just make some random rectangular shapes and paint your favorite color on those shapes. Use the same color with different shades on different shapes.

Three tone horizontal divide

It is another easy design but it is very lucrative. Divide the wall in three sections vertically. Make the top section as the largest one, keep the bottom section second largest and keep the middle section narrower than the bottom one. Now, use three different colors of your choice in the three sections. For example, use bright lime color on the top section, use deep gray shade on the bottom section and use the light-gray color shade on the middle section.

Diamonds shapes to divide the wall horizontally

Horizontal divide with diamond shapes is a good taste of art. It brings the aesthetic look into your interior. Make several diamond shapes and make the shapes in different sizes. Then use different shades of blue or gray color on the diamond shapes. Then use a deep shade of the blue or gray color on one side of the wall.

Some important tips

The exterior of your house will make or break your entire colour scheme. A well-executed exterior will add curb appeal to your home and offer value on your long-term return on investment.

  • Make sure you always highlight any architectural features like your rooflines, gutters and doorways. You can use various shades of a colour or then mix it up using darker shades against lighter colours of paint
  • Use your existing house landscape and driveway as colour choice inspiration
  • Your property fences help to frame the view of your home and should not be ignored when selecting your colour scheme. Use a similar colour scheme to the exterior of your home for painting your fence.
  • Ensure your interior colours blend with those you have chosen for the exterior.


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