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Painting the exterior is a great task to do. Exterior painting updates the look and increases the aesthetic look of the property. Before we talk about the cost of exterior painting, let’s have a basic idea about exterior paint.

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Exterior paint

There is a significant difference between exterior paint and interior paint. Exterior paint is more long lasting than interior paint.

All exterior paints you find in the market are not the same. Because different exterior surfaces require different types of paints. Let’s see what exterior surface needs which type of paint:

Concrete: For concrete, acrylic paint is recommended.

Aluminum: For aluminum, you should use alkyd paint and 100% acrylic latex paint.

Steel: Alkyd paint is highly recommended for steel.

Vinyl: For vinyl, 100% acrylic latex paint is the most useful.

Timber: For timber, acrylic latex paint is the best option.

Eco-friendly paints: For eco-friendly painting, get low-VOC paints.

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Factors that impact the costing of exterior painting

Without knowing some factors, it is always difficult to determine the cost of the exterior painting. Sometimes the cost goes beyond the expectations due to the exterior details. Let’s see what are the factors that affect the costing:

Size of house

Painters always make cost estimations by the size of the house. It shows us that a smaller house costs a smaller amount of money and a larger house costs a larger amount of money.

Number of levels

How many levels a house has affects the costing. If there are two or more levels in a house, the cost will increase. Not only that, extra painting equipment will need to paint perfectly which will cost extra money.

Wall material

Brick wall painting costs more money. Because the brick wall will need prep work. Likewise different surfaces need different types of paint which will impact the bill.

Paint colors

Some surfaces need a single coat of paint and some surfaces require more than one coat. Number of color coatings affects the costing.

Details of exterior

If your exterior has extra details, it will cost more money.

Prep work

The more prep work will require your exterior, the more money you have to spend. Now, if you want to reduce the cost, do the prep work by yourself as much as you can. It can be a minor repair or cleaning the surfaces etc.

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How much does it cost to paint the exterior of the house?

Determining the cost of the exterior painting is quite difficult. Because the cost depends on a few factors which we have mentioned above. However, here are some examples of typical exterior painting costs:

  • In general, if you paint your house with professional painters, you may have to spend anywhere between $15 to $50 for every square meter for the brickwork.
  • For timber weatherboards, you may have to spend anywhere between $10 to $60 for every square meter.

Now, this is not absolute pricing. Because, the price also depends on the condition of the house and the quality of the house.

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