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It’s hard to find a good, reliable house painters in melbourne who will work to your taste.

You have  to settle for an unlicensed, uncertified, and uninsured painter for high house painting melbourne costs. You also don’t know if they will paint your house the way you want it.

Plus, choosing the right color and design for your house can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. And even if you do choose a color and design, you still have to worry about whether or not the paint will last.

Professional House Painting Melbourne is here to help. We are a licensed, certified, and insured painting company that offers first class painting services at an affordable price. 

Our expert understand that not everyone is comfortable painting their own house, so we offer our services to residents in Melbourne and suburban areas in reasonable price.

Our best painters in Melbourne understand that you can’t paint your house every day, so we take care of it for you. Our team of expert female horse painters in melbourne has been providing quality service  since 2011.

We have a team of well-qualified and experienced professionals who will provide the best result possible with their proficiency in interior as well as exterior painting work.

Our Process - We aim to provide an easy and smooth process from start to finish .

Step 1: Contact us for a quote

• The process starts with booking a free quote. Fill in our online form or call us . We will then schedule a meeting.
• Our experts will visit and inspect your house.
• Then, our experts will consult you about your painting requirements, colour choices, and they will provide an outline of the works expected.
• We will then provide a written quote before commencing work.
• Once the signed contract is completed

Step 2: Completing the painting project

• Before starting the painting project, we will ensure that furniture is moved or covered, and we will also cover all areas. We use dust sheets to make sure that your belongings remain dust and paint free.
• Before we start the work, your house will be checked for any repair and restoration work that may be required. All repair and restoration work will be completed by our construction and carpentry experts.
• We will then do the preparation work. We will prepare the surface by filling any holes as well as sanding and priming surfaces.
• After the preparation work is done, your surface is ready to be painted. Our painting experts use premium quality paints for all painting projects.

Step 3: Quality inspection

Once we complete the painting project, all the work will be quality checked and we will not leave while the quality inspection is happening. Our qualified painting expert will check the quality with you to make sure it meets your expectations. If you are not satisfied, we will repaint the areas as required.

Step 4: Finishing the job

Once you are satisfied, we will pack up our tools and clean your premises, ensuring it is dust free. We will also wipe up any paint , remove covers and dust sheets, and place the furniture in its original positions. We will leave your premises looking fantastic.

Quality is what matters most for us and we prioritize quality over quantity.

The idea for a Prestige House Painting Melbourne painting & decorating service germinated over many years of coffee mornings with kindergarten and school mums who all had a horror tale to tell of their experiences with trades people. Market research later undertaken showed both men and women from a range of backgrounds unanimously complained of the non-existent service from painters.

Prestige House Painting at Work Painters started in Melbourne in 1996 with a simple mission to: “provide an all-female painting & decorating service to clients which is punctual, reliable, respectful and professional”. Reinforcing this mission, every quotation contains the Prestige House Painting promise:

  • we promise to turn up on time,
  • treat your property and its occupants with respect,
  • work on consecutive working days,
  • complete the job within the specified time; and
  • clean up all mess we create

Due to growth in both house & commercial painting our painting teams now include male painters.

Leading Way In Professional House Painting

Prestige House Painting at Work Painters specialises in house & commercial painting throughout metro Melbourne, both interior and exterior.

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How are we different to other painters?

  • we were awarded a Painting in Excellence Award in 2016 for the painting of the Melbourne
  • we provide detailed quotes specifying the work to be undertaken including preparation, no. of coats and paint to be used so you know what you are getting
  • our jobs are supervised to ensure the work we quoted for is undertaken to specification
  • we sign-off our jobs with our clients to ensure nothing has been missed and you are happy with the painting
  • we are members of Master Painters Association and have been for over 15 years
  • as we have been in business for 20 years you can feel assured we’ll be around to honour our 5-year warranty
  • we only use premium products so your painting looks good for longer and is wasy to maintain
  • we use a regular team of painters whom we know can perform the painting to the required standards
  • our painting is undertaken to Australian Standards
  • our painting experience is broad so we have the knowledge and skill to meet your requirements be they straightforward or complex
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